34. A stroll around Llangattock Beechwood

This popular circular walk meanders through a small young woodland.

Further Information

Although there are no longer any mature beech trees as its name suggests, this attractive site has lots of wildlife present. There is a wide gate at the entrance to the site leading to a stone-dust surfaced path that has picnic tables and benches. The recommended route is anti-clockwise for wheelchair users due to a gentle 300 metre slope. Keep your eyes peeled as you follow the route for several wooden sculptures carved to depict the different plants and animals found within the wood. The sculptures were created by Neil Gow and as well as being nice to look at, form parts of a food chain which is used as a teaching aid by school groups.

How to get there: One mile south of the town of Crickhowell is the village of Llangattock. The main entrance to the site can be found on Park Drive opposite the Horseshoe Inn (beyond the cattle grid and kissing gate).

Nearest town or village: Llangattock.

OS Grid Reference: Explorer Map OL13 or Landranger Map 161 SO 213176.

Distance: 700 metres with further barrier-free walks nearby.

Contact: National Park Visitor Centre on 01874 623366 or email.

Facilities: Other than pubs and a hotel in the village, the nearest facilities can be found in the town centre in Crickhowell. The nearest public transport is on the A40 in Crickhowell.

Parking: A tarmac parking area next to the entrance gate.

Toilets: The closest toilets are at Llangattock Park, although the nearest disabled access toilet (RADAR) is in Crickhowell.